What does it mean to book an artist?

We know how hard it is to find an artist you can trust to make you look beautiful, much less know if they are available or not. We offer a service for you to have access to vetted, pre-approved makeup and hair stylists to come to you, get you ready for your big day or event and make sure you feel your best!

How do I book?

Choose your day and the time you need to be ready by on our calendar, tell us if you want hair or makeup, which type of appointment you want and your budget. Our artists are organized by their schedule, and then their budget, so you are assured the artist you pick is available. Enter your Credit Card information to reserve your appointment (don’t worry - we won’t charge you until after the appointment), and you just Booked Your Look!

How do I know which budget is right for me?

We know budgets can range and offer different price points depending on what fits your needs. One dollar sign ($) is our first tier with artists ranging from 1-3 years in the industry; two dollar signs ($$) is our second tier with artists ranging from 3-6 years in the industry; three dollar signs ($$$) is our third tier with artists from 7+ years in the industry.

Does a smaller budget mean a less talented artist?

Not at all! Each of our artists are hand-selected and will give you exactly the comfort, experience and look you want. A higher budget does offer a more senior artist with more experience, but it is completely up to you and what your needs are; every single one of our artists are extremely talented.

What if I want to book hair AND makeup from the same artist?

Each of our artists are chosen because they are at the top of their field; this means that they usually excel in solely hair or solely makeup. We recommend booking hair and makeup separately. However; we do have a few artists that do hair + makeup; to make a special inquiry, please email us a request at: info@bookyourlooknyc.com and we will do our best to match you up with an artist!

What is a touch-and-go?

Our most popular service; a touch-and-go is when your artist comes to your home, office, or hotel room, beautifies you and leaves. We recommend discussing your look with the artist upon arrival, and the artist leaves you looking your most beautiful. Easy, quick, and convenient.

How does a group lesson/rate work?

We offer 2 type of group specials; lessons and bridal. The group (lesson) is a wonderful opportunity to learn from a professional in a fun, lively atmosphere. For up to 5 of your friends, you gather and bring personal skincare and makeup -- our professional evaluates your skin, briefly goes through your makeup bag and advises what you should be using, what you’re using wrong and what’s expired. They will also advise what other items should be added to your kit.
If you want a more personalized, 1-on-1 lesson where are artist comes to your home and organizes your makeup and gives you a detailed shopping list, you can book them for a makeup lesson. Rates can be found on our pricing page (in home appts section). Our group (bridal) is for the bride + (up to) 6 bridesmaids with a guaranteed stay of 8 hours by our artist. We cover any assistant costs if needed. Rates can be found on our pricing page (wedding section). Email info@bookyourlooknyc.com for any additional questions.

How long is each appointment?

Depending on the type of event you booked your artist for, we usually recommend giving about 1-hr per person per appointment.

Can my makeup artist add false lashes during my makeup appointment?

Absolutely. All our artists are prepared to give you the exact look you want. Note: the false lashes we offer are one-time use; we do not do eyelash extension.

Can my hair stylist add hair extensions?

Yes they can! However, if you plan to have some added, please let us know at info@bookyourlooknyc.com or email your stylist directly so he or she can prepare the right color. If it is a full head of extensions, the stylist may ask you to reimburse the cost of the hair.

What areas do your artists travel to?

We are proud to offer Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Bronx, Connecticut, New York State, Long Island and New Jersey as our points of destination. Any location outside the 5 boroughs is a $50/hr travel fee added on to the total.

What products do your artists use?

Our hair stylists and makeup artists use top shelf cosmetics. Tom Ford, Oribe, NARS, bumble&bumble, MAC, Laura Mercier are just a few of the lines we use; each artist has his/her preferences, but if you have an allergy or a skin sensitivity please tell us BEFORE your appointment so we can adjust accordingly.

Do you have gift certificates?

As of now we don’t offer a gift card; however, you are welcome to make the booking in your name for a friend - just let us know in “Special Requests” or email us at info@bookyourlooknyc.com.

How much notice do I need to book an appointment?

We require a minimum of 24-hr notice for reservations. It may be possible to accommodate same-day reservations but we cannot guarantee it. Email us at info@bookyourlooknyc.com for same day reservation requests.

How do I pay?

When finalizing your details for the booking, you will be prompted to enter your credit card information on our secure website. If you would like to give an additional tip to your stylist or makeup artist, we recommend doing so day of in cash.

What if I need to cancel my appointment?

We ask you to please contact us as soon as possible at: info@bookyourlooknyc.com with your name, the date of the original appointment and the reason for cancellation. Our cancellation policy is given at time of appointment booking and is as follows. We require at least 24-hour notice for all cancellation. If you cancel within 1 week you lose your $50 deposit fee and if you cancel within 24 hours or are a no-show, you will be charged the full price.

My location changed, who do I contact?

If you have any changes to your reservation you can email us immediately at info@bookyourlooknyc.com

I had a problem with my service, who do I contact?

We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with your service for a justifiable reason, you may re-book within 5 days for no charge; anytime after 5 days will constitute a full charge. Email us at info@bookyourlooknyc.com with any questions or concerns.

Can I pay without a credit card on day of the appointment?

We currently only allow appointments to be booked with a credit card or debit card.

Is gratuity or tip included in the appointment fee?

Tips or gratuity are not included in the appointment fee. If you would like, our artists are grateful for any tips same-day; however, it is not required.

What if I am late to my appointment?

We have a 15-minute grace period that our artist will wait at the location. Your appointment may be cut short and a full service will be charged if our artist has another scheduled appointment after yours.

Is sales tax included?

We add-on sales tax at the end of your booking; you can confirm all fees and costs before booking your appointment. New York state law requires a 4.875% service tax.