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So, you're getting ready for an event and need to look glamorous. Our hand-selected artists are highly skilled professionals who bring positivity and warmth to every appointment. Tell us your date and if you want to book a makeup artist or a hair stylist.


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Every one of our artists on Book Your Look are professional, talented, and trained to give you the best experience possible. Each artist is synced up by availability so you get to choose which artist you want. Browse our artists and find the best fit for you, your budget, and your style.


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Our artists offer can be booked for Weddings, In Home Appointments and Group Lessons, and Commercial jobs. Tell us the type of event, book your appointment, and receive confirmation. We make it easy for you!

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After we receive your request, you'll get a calendar invite and confirmation from your artist. You can accept the appointment and it will automatically add it to your calendar.

Day of, your artist will arrive and create the look that you desire. Your payment will be processed at the conclusion of the appointment. Of course, tips are welcome!

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